Protem Mechanized cutting and bevelling equipment

PROTEM has developed a wide range of pipe end preparation equipment:

  • Protem - ID and OD Clamping Tube and Pipe Beveling Machines
  • Protem - Splitframes Clamping Tube and Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines
  • Protem - ID cutting machines
  • Protem - High Speed Bevelers
  • Protem – Pipe Facing Machines for Prefabrication Workshops, Spoolbases, etc.
  • Protem - Tube Squaring equipment
  • Protem - Beveling and Cutting Benches – Stationary Beveling and Cutting Benches
  • Protem - High Speed Pipe Cutting Machines
  • Protem - Flange and Valve Facing Machines