Welding electrodes en wires

With offices in the Netherlands and Germany, Euroweld sets the standard for the rental and sale of positioners, welding consumables and welding equipment. The welding consumables includes welding electrodes and welding wire for MIG and TIG welding.

Elga and ESAB welding consumables
Euroweld offers electrodes and wires of Elga and ESAB. Elga is the specialist in producing welding electrodes and welding wire for almost 75 years and has become one of Europe's leading players in this field. Since February 2000 Elga is part of the global group ITW (Illinois Tools Works). The program of ESAB welding electrodes and welding wire consists of coated welding electrodes, cored wires, solid wires, TIG rods, splicing tape and fluxes.

More information about welding electrodes and welding wire, please call us at +31 165 31 78 55 or send us an e-mail at info@euroweld.nl