ESAB Welding equipment

New in our delivery program

In the recent decades Euroweld welding technics from Oud Gastel has specialised themselves at the field of welding and automation. The company offers a variety of welding machines and related products both for rent and for sale. In fact, everything is for rent except the welding helmets and wires.

The latest generation of welding equipment can be programmed with specific process settings to your own choice or by the current process variants. Based on power semiconductors with they weigh only 1/80 of their 70 year old predecessors, but they do have more power.

In the field of welding Euroweld carries an impressive package ranging from Mag Mig and Tig welding machines to mobile variants. Looking at Mig Mag welding machines, they include the MIG MAG ORIGO MIG 320 - 320 AMP to distinguish gas-cooled 400 V variant, the power water-cooled 400 A ORIGO MIG 402 W and the water-cooled ORIGO 4001i INVERTER 400 AMP. The range of TIG welding is even greater, ranging from performances of up to 200 to 430 Amps. The mobile versions are available in both small and much larger versions.

Choose the correct welding machine
To choose your specific situation, the most suitable welding machine from please contact one of our specialists on +31 165 31 78 55 or send an email to